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DATE:  26th & 27th march 2016       VENUE:  JINDABYNE EQUESTRIAN RESORT

Steve’s specialist style of training is not discipline specific and can easily be applied to any form of riding.  The key focus is to find an easier way for the horse and rider to communicate. As one of Equitana Australia’s successful trainers in the “Way of the Horse, Australian Horsemanship Challenge 2010” and as one of the six trainers who took on a wild Waler from Central Australia as part of Equitana’s “Waler Legacy Program”, Steve has proven that with the right training, any horse can be a relaxed and willing riding partner.

Rather than delivering a rote training program presents a simple way of explaining horsemanship to people, to better understand the horse’s intrinsic nature. Steve’s training methods emphasize a much lighter contact and responsiveness between horse and rider. This technique is not only effective for dressage and high level competition, but is also highly beneficial for anyone looking to build their horse’s gymnastic ability, create softness in their horse and improve communication between themselves and their equine partners.

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